Monday, November 4, 2013

Day 4 - Chapter 3

I shouldn't have done it, but I did. I told myself I wasn't going to and I did it anyway. I got on the scales this morning and they told me the same thing as last Friday. For me, I'm trying to take my focus off of the numbers and this isn't the way to do that.

Aaaanyway. Is it just me or is everything that Lysa writes about I completely relate to? Do y'all?

In Chapter 3 she talks about developing our food plans. This morning I felt it was time to pick up the 4-page plan I mentioned the other day that the Lord told me to lay aside temporarily. I need to make some permanent changes. I know I can't develop my food plan in one or two days. It's going to take more research and prayer than what I've put in. Question 4 at the end of Chapter 3 states that it may take research, experimentation and consultation (with your doctor).

I'm a research type of girl. Especially when it's something I'm passionate about. I've already done gobs of research concerning food and diets for people with hypothyroidism and arthritis. I have both. By age 50 I had no cartilage in my hips and had to have hip replacements. For years I've struggled with chronic low-back pain and it's getting worse. I also have hypothyroidism. My hip doctor told me that some people have more cartilage than others. Really? I do respect him, but I don't always take what doctors tell me at face value and hop off their exam table and say, "Oh, okay, if you say so, then I guess it's so. Is there a pill for that?"

There are countless doctors and nutritionists researching and writing articles and books about the connection between processed, pre-packaged foods loaded with chemicals, preservatives and other unmentionables and auto-immune diseases, like arthritis and thyroid disease. They say these foods cause inflammation inside our bodies causing our bodies to attack joint tissue, aka, cartilage. I've also read that when people with hypothyroidism eliminate the "big five" (gluten, corn, soy, dairy, eggs) they see big changes.

I experimented. I eliminated gluten and processed foods as much as possible. I felt better. Then I started feeling worse, like my thyroid was out of whack. When I started thyroid meds in 1995, my dosage was .125 mcg, then went up to .137 mcg. I felt so bad I went to my MD, they tested me and had to lower it to .112mcg. First time ever since 1995. When I asked her could it have something to do with eating more gluten-free and eliminating processed, pre-packaged foods along with losing a few pounds, she told me that changing my diet or eating certain foods or eliminating foods wouldn't really impact my thyroid. Really? Well, something did. So now I'm determined to take this experiment a little more seriously.

Today, I choose to once again, ask Jesus to help me develop my personal food plan. I need His help because I really do believe that He cares what I eat and put into my body every day.

On a mission,