Monday, November 11, 2013

DAY 11-Chapter 10-"This Isn't Fair!"

Today's date is 11/11 and our 11th day! We're on Chapter 10. Ten plus eleven equals 21! We're halfway there! It's kind of cool how today's date is the same as our challenge day. And to fall on Veteran's Day makes it all the more special.

Today I want to briefly recap the past 10 days. We personified our cravings into a form they represent. Mine was the big, comfy, white cloud with the index finger luring me in with promises of satisfaction and fulfillment. When I'd succumb it turned into a big green, taunting monster heaping guilt and regret on me. Then we began dismantling our wall of cravings brick by brick and replacing them with more intimacy with God.

I've talked about food plans, accountability, being made for more than that bad food choice and going deeper with God in a new and fresh way. I swore off the scales at least until the end of this challenge. Our numbers DO NOT define who we are. I haven't weighed myself, but do feel lighter and my clothes are a little loser. Already.

Making peace with our bodies and realizing they're a gift from God is crucial. Our body is His temple to live in, and how we take care of it reflects how we feel in our relationship with God. Ouch. That truth hit me hard. Exercise is also crucial. It's as important as all the food choices we can make.

The title of today's chapter is "This Isn't Fair!" Last night at the church picnic I walked by the two tables that were filled with every dessert imaginable. In the past I'd get a small plate and fill it with "just one bite" of each dessert that I just couldn't pass up. Last night I passed up both tables and had a blast mingling and talking with people I hadn't seen in a while.

Now, that's not to say that if I were alone with all those desserts, the temptation would be intense. I haven't had that temptation yet, but I know it'll come, especially with the holidays here.

Instead of telling myself "this isn't fair" that I have to deal with this issue when others don't, is going to be turned into seeing my food issues as a blessing. This is an avenue through which God is choosing to draw me closer to Him. This is the first time I've realized this. Thank you, Lysa TerKeurst for sharing your journey so women like me can have victory in this dark, terrible, frustrating, and even deadly issue....even at my age.