Sunday, November 10, 2013

Day 10 - Chapter 9

It's been ten days already since beginning this 21-day challenge. I'd committed to posting something everyday. I admit, it's getting harder to stick to that committment, which is why I have to rely on God's power and strength to keep it up. Just like I need His power and strength to stay loyal to a healthier eating plan. Now I have another new commitment to make. WE need to make. Exercise.

I used to love exercise. It was part of my life. I was a committed walker. I did it alone, with friends, whenever I had a spare afternoon or early morning. I enjoyed it because it was a great stress reliever for me. I also justified the junk food and overeating I did as I'd tell myself how much I'd exercised that day. Everything I did with eating was justified somehow.

I don't enjoy walking so much anymore. With the hip replacements it causes pain after walking a certain distance. I love biking, but it's getting colder outside. I used to swim laps at Johnson Park in Conyers, but its 35 minutes from my house and now it's always crowded with swim team practices. I know I have to find something and just go for it. So here it is: my neighbor is giving me an older type stationary bike. God is good, isn't He? Now I can exercise inside when the weather is bad. I'm keeping tennis shoes in the car so I can throw in a couple of 30-minute walks during the week. I have hand weights at home and will continue the strengthening exercises for my back that the physical therapist showed me. It's a start.

What about you? What's going to be your exercise plan? I'd love to meet any of you in town and walk the square or the track around the YMCA or wherever.

Are you answering the questions at the end of every chapter? Are you reading the emails with me? Are y'all out there?

Lysa's focus today was on how our bodies are where the Holy Spirit lives. It gives me a fresh perspective when I think of it that way. God has given us this one body as a gift. And it's up to us to treat it well and take care of it.

I'll be back tomorrow. Until then...

Let's start moving.