Saturday, November 16, 2013

Day 16-Chapter 15 "The Demon in the Chips Poster"

Could this be withdrawal from sugar, gluten and processed foods I'm experiencing? Today has been weird. I'm moody, crabby, sensitive and slightly nauseas with mild stomach cramps. Even with mild nausea I've had more cravings today than I've had for two weeks. I'm practicing using these cravings as prompts to pray as we'd talked about last week.

I love this: "We hold a power greater than any craving we face." That power is the same power that raised Jesus from the dead. If you're a believer in Jesus, you have that power. And since we belong to Jesus our temptations aren't random or haphazard. The devil, our enemy, does not want you or me to finally have victory over food addiction. Nope, he doesn't. That's important to remember.

I'm anticipating Thanksgiving. This 21-day challenge will be over. I'll continue this journey, but with many new tools I've gained. Tools that no weight-loss program has ever been able to provide. Everyone is coming to our house. About 20 people. All the usual Thanksgiving food will be right at my fingertips. Now, I can prepare myself, plan ahead and be ready. I honestly don't know what it will be like for me. Part of my planning is to have a couple of alternatives to the usual cornbread stuffing and pumpkin pie, which I love.

I just baked my first gluten-free loaf of bread in a bread machine. I have a recipe for a gluten-free pie crust that I plan to use for a pumpkin pie and use something other than white, processed sugar or brown sugar. I'll let y'all know how it turns out. Right now, the fresh, home-baked, gluten-free bread is smelling very good.

I love Lysa's perspective about setting up boundaries for our personal food allowances. She says that boundaries keep us safe, not restricted. So instead of feeling like we're restricted and deprived, let's work towards that same perspective.

Another thought that stands out for me in Chapter 15 is this: "I am not made to be a victim of my poor food choices. I was made to be a victorious child of God."

Well, only five more days. I don't see this as the end of something, but the beginning. I'm working on another blog where I'll continue blogging about food addiction, health and tons of things I've researched over the years about how we can take a proactive approach to our health instead of relying completely on what every doctor tells us. (Remember my thyroid story?)

I'll be back here tomorrow...