Markers for Single Moms: Finding God's Direction in the Chaos

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What others are saying: "This book was excellent! I was blown away by how the author shared her life’s story of  deceit, heartbreak, and struggles and still managed to keep her faith in God.  By continuing to pray and believe she succeeded  in  overcoming so many downfalls in her life. This book goes into  great detail with her emotional state and how quoting Bible verses gave her strength to keep moving forward . I went through many of these struggles with her but never quite understood the impact on her until I read her book. You are a fantastic writer and my mentor!!!!" Carole Turner

"Once I was a single mom of two going through many roads, streets and avenues of struggles and loneliness. I wished this book was avaialble at that time. Being a single mom is very tiring and a financial hardship for most people but as I drove down that road God was with me. God was and is with Terri Webster too. This book will give you encoragement as the author shares true stories of how God helped her through many trials that you may be experiencing or will eventually." Teresa Strauss

Coming soon, "Prayer Markers for Single Moms: When All Seems Lost" along with the recording single, "When All Seems Lost" featuring Sara Noelle Oliver. CD singles will be available August 2nd at book signing, located at 951 Railroad St., Conyers, GA, from 11:00-4:00.