Thursday, January 2, 2014

The Hiatus is Over

Good morning everyone and a very Happy New Year to you!

I'm hanging my head a little.
Hi Y'all

I just read my last post, dated 11/21/13. I ended it with "until next week..." That was six weeks ago. Some blogger I am. It's not like I have all these followers or anything, but seriously.

As a writer, I'm working on things like consistency and sustained disciplined. The same two things I'm working on with my food issues. I guess it's okay that I took six weeks off for the holidays, but that's not really practicing consistency and discipline, is it?

When I know I'm going to be posting about personal issues, like food addiction and the pursuit of better health, I am much more disciplined because I know all my FIG girls and other friends are there with me and I have the accountability I need.

How was your relationship with food during the holidays? Food-wise, I did great and even lost 2 pounds. Then Christmas Eve came. I ate gluten-filled foods, a few sugary treats and barely exercised. Okay, I didn't exercise at all. As I sit here typing this post, I feel pretty bad. I have a borderline throbbing headache, neck pain to add to the back pain and slightly nauseous. I didn't overeat. What I did was consumed foods that I'm 90% sure must be banned from my everyday diet. Enough!

I'm not setting any New Year's resolutions. I fail every time I do. What I do succeed with are small challenges. I can accept a 30-day challenge. Can you? There will be more about that before this weekend because I'm inviting you to accept a challenge beginning this Monday. All ages and all sizes.

I am working on a separate blog strictly for these issues. As I've said before I'm a research girl and have lots of information to share. I'll be back in a couple of days. Really, I will. It won't be days or weeks this time.

Be blessed and encouraged that God really does care what we eat and drink. He has special plans and specific works for you and me. I want to be in the best health possible at any age so that I can serve Him to the maximum!

Going for the max,