Saturday, November 2, 2013

DAY 2-Chapt. 1

Hi Y'all. I hope you've all been able to get the "Made to Crave" book and signed up for the 21-Day Challenge emails. If you haven't signed up for the emails, just go to Then click on 21-day challenge.

Yesterday I just began with the introduction of the book. I mentioned how the 21-days of emails were the same number of chapters in the book, including the introduction and then the end which has lots of great go-to quotes and scriptures. I thought I'd just post everyday with the number of the day and corresponding chapter I'm reading.

I think I finally fixed the comments where you can just click on "comment" at the end of each post and share what's going on with you through this journey. Plus I'm anxious to hear back from everyone. And like I said before, I'd love to meet up at some point with y'all face-to-face.

I just answered the questions at the end of Chapter 1. If you can in the comments, share what your "craving monster" looks like. Here's mine: 
  • A big, white comfy, cozy, feel-good cloud with a big index finger luring me in, promising all kinds of satisfaction and fulfillment. Then after I succumb, it transforms into a big green, taunting monster heaping guilt and regret on me.
Distinguishing between the 2 different types of cravings might be the very thing that unsticks me from this crossroads I've been in. Taking the time to listen is the one thing I'm going to choose today.

About the food plan: last week as I was writing out my food plan, what I was going to eliminate, allow, deny, sacrifice, resist, etc., I felt the Lord nudge me to lay it aside. This is where I've failed before. Yes, you need a plan, but be careful not to create a 4-page plan like I did that would've left me feeling defeated, frustrated and irritable. We're all different and need different foods and eating plans.

Prayerfully consider and ask the Lord how He wants your food plan to look. Remember, this isn't about the number on the scales and the size of our clothes, but something much deeper that is a journey with Jesus where there will be no turning back. I'm exxxciiiited!

Your fellow Jesus follower,