Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Day 12 - Chapter 11...Stinkin, rotten, no-good day

My day started out just like the title of this chapter. Stinkin, rotten, no good. Nothing happened. I just woke up in a foul mood and was not in the frame of mind to tackle the day I had ahead of me. I felt irritable, resentful, tired, sore and frustrated. I did not feel like the nice person that all of you think I am. :) I wanted chocolate, French fries, bad cereal, potato chips. I even got mad when I was at work and realized I'd left my humus at home, but brought the veggies. I refused to eat the veggies without that humus. Talk about disappointed!

In Chapter 11, Lysa talked about getting a handle on food during the bad times. It's hard to learn to eat healthy at celebrations and during happy times, but for me, when I don't feel happy or life is being mean, it's even tougher. I just want to rebel and give in to my compulsions. I know if I do that though, I'll have an even harder time getting over the guilt, regret and shame.

The Day 12 email we read was awesome. Old lies. New truths. Replacing habitual, destructive choices with a new way of thinking and LASTING changes.

I think I have a cookie jar somewhere that I'm going to replace with little cards that have my favorite go-to verses and sayings on them.

I might take a candy dish out of the cabinet and fill it with the same reminders on little colorful pieces of paper. I think I'll choose the colors of Skittles or M & Ms. What do y'all think?

So what are you going to replace yours with?

I'm confident tomorrow will be a much better day.

A work in progress,