Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Day 13 - Chapter 12 - The Curse of the Skinny Jeans

I don't know if I'd call them "skinny" jeans, but I do have small jeans, middle jeans and big jeans in my closet. Right now I'm in between the big and middle jeans. I know I'm not alone in this. That's all I'm going to say about skinny or small jeans because I'm trying to not even focus on size, weight, etc. I'm trying to focus on healthy, a mind change, and a heart change.

I want what Lysa TerKeurst has. A shift in my thinking. A heart transformation. I want to taste and savor a new style of hope. In Lysa's words, "Hope over despair tasted better than any food I'd ever given up."

I think about giving up certain foods permanently. Those foods are the ones that interact badly in my body. Such as gluten, processed convenient foods and sugar. The very foods I sometimes think I can't live without. This is definitely going to be a process that will take much longer than these initial 21 days.

If you're getting the 21-day challenge emails and read today's, what hits home for you the most? For me it's what Lysa said about how she thought of each healthy food choice she made settled another brick into place; bricks of prayer, wise choices, closeness to God, closeness to others, confidence, energy and focus. I need all of that! I want all of that! Do you?

This is the only way for me; not Weight Watchers, Adkins, low-carb, low-calorie, taking a pill, etc. The food addiction issue will always charge in and take over....again. Staying on this journey is the only way I'll be the healthiest I can be and the strongest I can be so I can walk in the works He's planned for me. To be able to fulfill His call on my life the way He intended. You have a call too. He has works planned for you too. No matter how old or young you are. No matter what your circumstances. As Kay Arthur says, as long as you have breath, He can and wants to use you.

Back to the skinny jeans real quick. In Chapter 12, Lysa talks about tying her happy to her skinny jeans. Read Chapter 12. It's awesome, true and brilliant. I always thought the same thing. I tied my happy in with what size clothes I was wearing. Or what size clothes I'd hoped to wear. So, it continues....

Your fellow brick builder,