Monday, November 18, 2013

Day 18-Chapter 17 "The Very Next Choice We Make"

What is your weight-loss goal? Some numbers just popped into your head, right? Me too. I think this is where we get into trouble when we make it all about the numbers on the scale, the measuring tape and clothes size.

I just now read Lysa's Day 18 email. She tells the story of being in an exercise class and how another woman's comment could have done one of two things. I won't tell you the end of the story and ruin it for you if you haven't had a chance to read it yet. I will quote something Lysa said. "I was no longer defined by a number on the scale because my weight-loss goal is peace."

This is a completely radical way for me to look at health and weight loss. Peace! The benefits of this new goal of peace will simply be a healthier body, weight loss and yes, a more intimate walk with God, which is what we all truly crave AND need.

Chapter 17 is about taking this journey one choice at a time. I think of it as compounding interest, like when you're saving money or have a 401k plan. You invest some of your own money and the company matches it at some percentage, compounding your savings. So, we put in our healthy choices, one choice at a time and our investment is compounded. Every choice we make will build on the next and then the next. As we all know, our bad choices are compounded as well. Speaking from personal experience I know the results of compounded bad food choices.

Lysa talks about holiness, which I think we all tend to lean away from that word and the reality of God calling us to holiness. The definition of holiness is simply being set apart for a noble use. You and I are set apart for God's use. Attaining holiness is not something we do ourselves. This is God's work in us as we surrender to Him minute by minute, choice by choice.

So I ask you again, what is your weight-loss goal?

Pursuing peace,