Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Name Your Holiday

Every day is a holiday to someone; a reason to celebrate. There are some wacky national holidays with the stamp of Congress on them.

Today, July 16, is National Fresh Spinach Day. Yesterday was Tapioca Pudding Day (Yuck!) and also Cow Appreciation Day (go hug a cow).

Today, on National Fresh Spinach Day, we’re to add something healthy to our diet. However, tomorrow, the 17th, is Peach Ice Cream Day. I guess you’re to counteract the fresh spinach with ice cream?

July 17th is also National Yellow Pig Day. Really! If you don’t believe me, you can read about it here:

Who came up with these bizarre holidays? And how do these holidays get inducted into the national holiday hall of days (heehee).

Anyone can declare a holiday just to have a reason to celebrate, but for it to be made official really does take an act of Congress.

So, I’m making up my own kooky holiday. Here goes…

Today, I declare July 16th as “Make Up Your Own Holiday” Day.

Today is the day you think of something you want to celebrate, then name it. It must be something of great significance to you.

This holiday will not need an act of Congress to be real for you and me. It can be a personal accomplishment, a victory, a new revelation or vision. It can be whatever you want it to be.

I’m declaring my holiday as Letting Go Day. If Congress approved it, it’d be called National Letting Go Day.

As I write this, I’m in the process of letting go of lots of stuff. Some are commitments to good things, but just because they’re good doesn’t mean I should say yes.

I’ve been trying to control the direction of my life. Things I want, situations, circumstances, people. I know better, but it’s in my nature to want things to go a certain way….my way.

I’ve secretly held on to negative, sinful thoughts that were buried underneath fear, worry, anger and resentments. My twisting, entangled thoughts demanded all my focus at the same time.

I’ve also had the wrong mindset regarding a non-profit single-parent ministry I founded. I wrongfully assumed I had to do it all and do it well. I have a day job, a husband, new grandbaby, elderly mom, friends, writing projects and more. I’m just the founder. God will provide gifted, talented people to do it all and who’ll do it well; much better than I can.

Following a recent burn out, and feeling I’d failed God, I took a step back from everything. God was then able to show me that He never intends for me to do it all; that my relationship with Him isn’t based on anything I do! It’s based on grace alone.

I’ve now taken all my focus off everything.

Except one.

HIM. Only my relationship with Him. That’s all. That’s my focus. My thoughts have smoothed out and my heart is no longer heavy. When I smile it’s for real.

As I let it all go, and place it on Him, He refills me. Peace, rest and a fresh touch. O yeah!

I gladly step aside.

This makes me want to celebrate! Happy Letting Go Day!!

What is your holiday today? What do you want to celebrate? Name it! And share it below.
Let the celebrations begin,