Wednesday, July 30, 2014

I want to be ........

I want to be ____________. Please fill in the blank.
Here are 10 suggestions that might help:
1.       …like her (add name) _______ because she’s pretty and thin.

2.       …successful in my career

3.       …financially comfortable

4.       …married

5.       …a mom

6.       …like them, popular and accepted

7.       …free from physical pain

8.       …healthy and well

9.       …live my dream to be a _______ (fill in blank)

10.   …young again
Too often I’ve been personally consumed with all my wants and desires, that I missed what God had for me.

Have you? Are you always wanting, wishing and longing for something? A desire. Fulfilled dream. The need to be fulfilled. We all have an insatiable longing for fulfillment. In our jobs, marriages, singleness, in retirement, life.

I recently heard an incredible message at church that jolted me out of my self-consuming haze. It challenged me to return to that place of abandon and surrender to the Lord that I know brings true fulfillment.
The message was about being ready; ready to meet the Lord when He returns. That day will be experienced by everyone, whether you’re a believer or not. We will all see Him. Some will be ready. Some won’t. As I think about that day, my longings and desires to be like someone else, to be successful, smarter, prettier, thinner, whatever, are fading in light of reality.

Being ready for THAT DAY takes a lot of preparation. It’s parallel to what a bride does before she meets her groom to pledge her abandoned love and commitment to him for a lifetime. That’s a day she has dreamed about and looked forward to her whole life. She thinks about it, talks about it with her friends, plans and daydreams about that day. She wouldn’t dare meet her groom without proper preparation.
I want to be ready when I meet Jesus face to face, whether it’s by me going to heaven or Him returning in my lifetime. I want my focus to change from trying to fulfill all my longings and wants myself, to being fulfilled and excited as I prepare to meet Him.

Something has happened since I’ve intentionally taken my focus off all the things I thought I wanted, and just focused on the one thing that really matters, which is Him. It’s not effortless because the world tugs and pulls, bringing clatter and chaos along with it. What I’ve noticed is opened doors to things that support my dream career. I’ve noticed a rest and contentment. I’ve noticed that the fulfillment I’ve longed for is becoming my reality. I feel His fresh touch again.
I want to be ready for my Groom, adorned with grace, mercy, wisdom and love. I don’t want to be clothed in selfishness, sinfulness and self-centeredness. I want Him to find me busily about His business, not trying to force my own way. I want to meet Him at the altar prepared and ready.

I want to be ____________. What is your answer? Share it below.
In continuous preparation,