Monday, October 28, 2013

Ready, Set.....

Hey y’all. I’m excited about beginning this journey with you. We all have until Thursday to get our book, “Made to Crave.” I was told you can get it on Amazon for under $10. They also sell it at Lifeway. Then no later than Wednesday go to this link where you can sign up for the emails for our 21-day challenge.
 You won’t be given a particular diet, regimen or list of what to eat and not to eat. We all have different physical needs, so our food plans won’t be the same. I’m starting to write mine out today. We can share ideas, recipes, etc., with each other. You probably already know what needs to be cut out and what you need to do physically, etc., etc. If you’re like me, and struggle with food addiction, just simply deciding you’re going to do the right thing doesn’t work. Right? I change my mind all the time. J
If some of you want to meet at certain times we can do that. Several of you have mentioned that you have the DVD that goes along with the book and 21-day challenge.

I’ve been trying to work on this blog page so y’all can leave comments and we can all communicate with each other. Please let me know if you’re unable to leave a comment. I'm still tweeking.
Saturday night we had a leadership meeting/bonfire at our house. It was a great time. Everything was wonderful. Sunday morning as I wrote in my journal, I felt like God was telling me I needed to share it with you. You know, the being transparent thing and all. So here goes.

“I failed terribly yesterday. Out of control. I’m like an alcoholic in a liquor store. The bonfire fellowship was a success though. I ate two hotdogs (no buns), Fritos with chili on them (twice), slaw (twice), a whopping serving of banana pudding, 5 cookies and 2 brownies. All that after 6pm. That doesn’t count breakfast and lunch. I have the “want-to” – or do I? Yes. I do. So why can’t I keep my mind and hands off all that junk when it’s just feet away from me? It’s soooo bad for me – in every way. Lord, I want to crave You more than anything. I lose all this motivation and want-to before dinnertime. Heck, by lunch time.
Yesterday morning I’d decided I wasn’t going to eat any cookies. By 4pm I’d had 2. Then 3 more later—plus 2 brownies AND banana pudding. Just cuz it was there. My sensibility got lost somewhere in all the fun and fellowship and once again, I told myself – it’s just this once  – then I’m done for good. Well, how many times have I said that over the years – 30 pounds ago?

The upside is this: Step #1 – I’m admitting I’m powerless over my food addiction and compulsive behavior, that it’s unmanageable. Romans 7:18 ‘I know that nothing good lives in me, that is, in my sinful nature, for I desire to do what is good, but can’t carry it out, Romans 7:18.’ The Holy Spirit lives in me so I’m turning to You, inviting You to give me the power I need to no longer live in defeat, but live in Your victory in this area of my life.”
That’s it y’all. Email me at if you have questions or a problem leaving a comment. One of our fellow comrades shared this article with me today. PLEASE take the time to read it. It's awesome!

In His grip,