Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Dream World

I over commit myself. I make ridiculous to-do lists that are humanly impossible to complete. While in the middle of my frenzied schedule, I sink into deep thought about how and when and when and how I’m going to do it all. My husband will ask, “are you in Terri’s world?” I want to snap out of that stressed-filled world because it inevitably brings on a come-apart melt-down leaving me sleep deprived, foggy-brained and not wanting to do anything at all. Does anyone out there relate to what I’m saying?

There’s another dimension to “Terri’s world.” It’s a world I escape to that takes me away from the over-committed world. Lately I’ve escaped to that world often (ok, daily) and wonder if it’s healthy or okay. This world I escape to exist in spring-like conditions every day, all year. In this world I control my schedule. I work when and where I want because I’m following my passion to write for a living. Not a famous living, but a simple living.

In this world the trees are lush green standing tall against a blue sky. 
Everyday. Irises never die, but stand tall, showing off as they pop open in brilliant colors of purple, blue, peach, yellow and maroon. The slightest hint of their gentle sweet aroma fills the air. Bees hum happily and thick blueberry bushes promise a bountiful crop. I have no schedule, no appointments or meetings, other than where the balmy, breeze takes me.

“Whoa!” I think to myself.  I’ve had these symptoms before. They’re worse than ever this year. Is it because of the dreadful winter we had? Is Spring Fever worse this year, more contagious? Snap out of it, Terri! But I don't want to snap out of it.

Then I slip back into this world as if it’s a dream. The temperature is 60 degrees at night and 85 in the day. The bright yellow goldfinch visits every morning and evening, and I get to be there to see him. 
In this world I’m not thinking about to-do lists and obligations. I’m thinking about how I want these long, warm days to slowly meander in and out of each other while Bob Marley sings in the background, “don’t worry…. about a thing…. every little thing… is gonna be all right.”

I existed in that world on Monday and was sitting in the middle of it this morning. Then suddenly I snapped out of it when I remembered the cubicle. Ah, yes, the cubicle. Today was the day I had to go back to the cubicle.

I shook it off, put away my pen and journal along with my fresh ideas for another ebook and summer book tour. My cubicle inside a stale, cold office building is waiting for me. For now, I go there. But hey, sometime in the near future that dream world just might become reality. Parts of it anyway. 

Where does your dream world take you? What are you passionate about? Are there steps you can take to bring your dream world to reality; or at least parts of it?

Maybe it’s not just wishful thinking, but something God intimately and specifically dropped into your heart so you’d pursue it.

It’s just a thought. Or is it?