Wednesday, September 24, 2014

State Of Our World and Moving Forward

It's been really hard to write lately. I've been thinking and focusing a lot on world events, tragedy, despicable crimes, murders and sicknesses overseas. Fellow Christians are enduring unspeakable persecution while here at home my personal world continues on peacefully and comfortably.

How do we take in the reality of what's happening in the Middle East, and continue in our daily lives here? What can we do here at home to help what's going on in our world? That's a whole separate subject for another day and another post, so I won't even go there right now. Except to say this: PRAY! Pray like never before for our country, fellow Christians everywhere, leaders and government.

The fact is, while our American lives on U.S. soil continue peacefully, we have our jobs to go to, families to take care of, financial responsibilities and on and on.

I've held off on starting a special blog just for single moms in light of world events. Then it hit me, this is the best time to reach out and create an online space just for single moms. Now is the time we all must move forward into the plans and work God has prepared for us to do. What are your gifts, passions, talents and abilities? God gave them to you to use. Use them now! Don't stop or continue procrastinating. Because of what's going on worldwide, the time is now.

Writing and single-parent ministry are my passions. Because of world events, I am spurred on even more to get with it and move on in the work God has for me. I hope you will too.

Single Moms! This is just for you. Follow this link to

In His Grip,