Sunday, February 2, 2014

Past, Present, Future: Where Do You Live?

My thought life can drive me nuts at times. All my thinking seems to never stop. Sometimes I say to myself, "Hush! Stop! Be quiet!" Sometimes it works. Sometimes not. Do you do this?

I think about the past a lot. Then I'll fast-forward to the future. Before I'm done, I rewind to the present where I tend to dwell on today's demands, to-do lists, obligations, responsibilities and how fast life is passing me by. Do I have any head nods out there?

When I visit my past, I'm haunted and taunted with what-if's and if-onlys. The devil loves it when I go back there where he stirs up sorrow, anger, and hurts, along with a whole host of other emotions. Why go there so much? There's not ONE thing we can do to change the past.

My thoughts of the future tend to be full of fear and worry over what might happen. While I'm living in the future, my present is passing me by. This isn't a new revelation for me. It's just something I struggle with. What I do know is this: My thought life is a choice. I do have the freedom to choose what I dwell on. We all do.

Lately, the Lord has been showing me consistently that He's here now. Right now. His Presence is present. That's where all the action is. Where choices are made. This is where prayers are whispered and cried out; in the present in His presence. Not back there or up ahead, but right here, right now.

Will you make the choice with me today, to choose to work on living in His Presence, and dwelling on Him above our to-do lists, obligations and responsibilities? Jesus said, "I am with you always, even to the end of the age" Matthew 28:20 (NKJ). He didn't say I might be with you or will be with you. I Am. When I fear the future, He tells me, "Fear not, for I am with you..." Isaiah 41:10 (NKJ). 
When we live in the past or worry about the future it shows on our face.

Dwelling on the reality of Jesus' Presence will permeate our present, seeping in and filling all the cracks, crevices, holes and empty spaces.This is where healing from our pasts takes place. This is where hopes and dreams are made for our future that He holds anyway. Where will you live?

Living in the present of His Presence,